Container Field
Container Field

IVS is used in container fields

IVS software is specially designed to enhance the day to day operations of the young plant and pot plant production.

Do you want to know how many plants of each variety is currently standing in your container field? IVS will give a unique ID to all pots in your container field, while keeping track of accurate stock levels and stock deductions after a delivery or the loss of plant material.
You can always monitor the capacity available in the container field. Capacity warnings help to plan the space available to store newly produced plants to avoid overfilling available space. Monitoring the used area and the exact location of the produced plants makes stock tracing and retrieval easy.
Accurate stock levels support on time delivery while meeting target delivery numbers for customer orders and it prevents the overproduction of plants reducing costs coming from overproduction.

Cost-effective management of plant production
Unique barcode labels for each plant or batch
Up to date plant stock levels
Production planning
Personnel planning for greenhouse teams
Space management for pots in container field
Activities management for greenhouse activities
Delivery preparation with remote solutions
Cost price evaluation
Accurate reporting