IVS is used in nethouses

IVS software is created to follow plant production from laboratory young plant acclimatizing phases till the final hardening of phases in nethouses for delivery. The daily operations involved in the young plant and plant production operations, can be monitored through the software. The transition of the plants between phases can be scheduled in the production planning, with the ability to schedule important greenhouse activities and checks into the planning.

Easy access to actual inventory levels in each phase of production, assists in on time delivery to clients. The added advantage of monitoring the actual status of a project helps to adjust production numbers when it becomes evident that delivery target numbers will not be met.

Main functions

  • Management of plant production to guarantee efficiency
  • Unique barcode labels for each plant or batch
  • Accurate reporting of plant stock level and location
  • Production planning
  • Personnel planning for greenhouse teams
  • Space management and capacity planning
  • Activities management for greenhouse activities
  • Deliveries
  • Cost price evaluation