IVS is used in Laboratories

IVS offers laboratory production leaders the opportunity for a real time overview of the production activities. Allowing insight into plant stock numbers in different phases and stages of production. The software offers efficiency, accuracy, traceability, quality assurance and ease of use.

IVS Software is specially designed to optimize the management in an in vitro laboratory. It has been developed to ensure mix-up free production and easy handling of all relevant data. IVS enables reliable production planning and a dynamic workflow. All transfer steps performed during production activities are controlled and registered in the software through the scanning of barcode labels.

Production Management

IVS allows total control over all production processes. The management of material can be done in their respective phases such as initiation, multiplication, rooting, delivery. Production processes can be planned according to the specific requirements to meet the needs of the project, material will be registered at the correct time in production.

Key features for production process management:

   Prevention of mixing up security features standard in all areas.
   Creation of work instructions designed per variety and production needs.
   Individualized values assigned per variety and its production phases.
   Culture cycle
   Medium and jar
   Plants per jar
   Propagation factor.

IVS Software ensures a complete overview of plant material through their production stages and all the handling throughout the production process. The unique barcodes assigned to the jars guarantees the transparency and traceability of the jars produced. Data pertaining to culture room temperatures, jars, registration of medium recipes and ingredients can be managed with the software.

Main Functions in short words

  Efficient management of all production activities
  Unique barcode labels
  Real time plant overviews
  Production planning
  Personnel planning
  Supply management
  Order management
  Deliveries and invoicing
  Cost price evaluations
  Transparency and traceability of production
  Registration of transfer time
  Production reports
►  Modular design for easy expansion of software functions