IVS has the perfect recipe for a Tissue culture micropropagation laboratory. With many years’ experience in tailoring the software to meet the needs of a production laboratory. Allow the software can do all the hard work for you, while your team focuses on the technical work to grow plant numbers. Success in producing large numbers of plantlets requires a sterile facility, an ideal cultural media, and an experienced expert to oversee the protocol and an accurate and reliable software.

IVS can assist your laboratory in the following areas:

  • Stock Management
  • Production Planning
  • Track & Tracing
  • Master Data Management
  • Mix-up-free Production
  • Barcode Labeling
  • Unique Number for each Vessel
  • Location Management
  • Media Management
  • Deliveries
  • Losses & Contamination
  • Culture Testing
  • Experiments
  • Initiation
  • Quality Management
  • Consumable Management
  • Archive
  • Interface
  • Customizing