Commercial plant growing

IVS is used in Greenhouses

Looking for a management software which will be efficient, accurate and easy to use?

Need a clear inventory overview to serve your customers perfectly, while also wanting a tool for quality assurance and traceability? With IVS we have the solution for your company, that can increase your effectiveness and productivity. IVS is a process-steered software which can be completely adapted to your workflow!

IVS software is specially designed to optimize the management of the young plant and pot plant production. It has been developed to ensure mix-up free production and easy handling of all relevant data. IVS enables a reliable production planning and efficient workflow. All production steps are tracked in the software. From production planning to personnel planning from space availability to use of supplies – all this information can be shown in IVS.

IVS is used in greenhouses

With IVS you can plan your production ahead to meet your delivery numbers at the right time, including activities performed in the greenhouse and required supplies.

See the cost price of a single plant in each stage.
See how many plants of a variety you have in total on stock and on which table they are. See if you have enough space in your greenhouse and on your tables to meet production needs.

Statistic evaluations and overviews, such as productivity per employee/day/week are present with a click on a button.

Main Functions

Efficient management of plant production
Unique barcode labels for each plant or batch
Up to date plant overview
Production planning
Personnel planning
Warehouse management for supplies
Space management for greenhouse areas
Order management
Deliveries and invoicing
Cost price evaluation
Culture management including stock lists and work instructions for workers

Production Management

IVS gives the production manager control over all production processes. Registration of mother plants, collection of seedlings, sowing and germination – all processes are planned and registered at the right time.

Check of germination rate
Quality checks

IVS software guarantees a complete overview of plant material stages and handlings. Data about trays, pots, substrate or fertilizer needed can be managed with the IVS software. Every plant receives a unique barcode label where IVS ensures the track and tracing of all material.

The complete history of plant material can be tracked from the first registration through all production stages and phases or in the fields up to point of delivery. Further information about plant material and all production activities can be recorded and accessed on handheld devices anytime.

Production Planning

IVS Production Planning means both individual planning for all client orders, as well as fitting them to client needs and production requirements. The result of the IVS Production Planning offers extensive data related to production control and for the production leader many possibilities of combining production processes and optimizing order processing.

Production benefit of using IVS software:

Stop searching through handwritten reports
Deliver your plants in the right amount and on time
Maintain control over your costs and profits
Analyze your data instantly, and adjust your production numbers accordingly
Save time and money
It is easy to adjust the software to future changes in your production by using IVS customizing through the modular design of IVS. Protecting your investment!