Molecular Marker

The development of molecular techniques has changed the way of conventional plant breeding. IVS can be valuable in the implementation of these molecular techniques into your breeding facility.  With the record keeping of the markers required for identification, or to assist with the screening of breeding lines for the presence of markers linked to a specific cultivar or phenotypic trait.  IVS can be beneficial in keeping record of the samples to be tested, templates for test layouts and storing the results received. Having all the information in one central place will assist in the decision making process when making decisions on the future of the breeding line.

Genetic Transfer

Producing material in a highly regulated and strict environment, can be simplified with the support of a good software. IVS can help to keep track of licensing contracts regarding DNA plasmids. Can provide security to ensure the compliance to GMO protocols, that non-complying GMO can be prevented from entering trials.

Our unique barcoding system can be implemented on all samples, both the material to be transformed and the vectors for the transformations. From the design of experimental protocols, keeping track of inventory (chemicals, enzymes, reagents, vectors), stock lists of various items, culture testing and quality management.  IVS can offer full traceability from the start of the material as a classified wild type to post-transformation as GMO material.

Testing & Microbiology

IVS can be implemented in a laboratory focused on growing and studying the tiny organisms. From the studying colony formations, to keeping track of the identified bacteria and viruses from various tests performed on the cultures. The culture tests can be scheduled, and the test results stored in the software, with the possibility for report generation. Manage the media recipes and media preparations to ensure that all the culture media is correctly prepared to ensure the optimal growing environment for all organisms.

IVS can assist your laboratory in the following areas:

  • Stock Management
  • Production Planning
  • Track & Tracing
  • Master Data Management
  • Mix-up-free Production
  • Barcode Labeling
  • Unique Number for each Vessel
  • Location Management
  • Media Management
  • Deliveries
  • Losses & Contamination
  • Culture Testing
  • Experiments
  • Initiation
  • Quality Management
  • Consumable Management
  • Archive
  • Interface
  • Customizing