Enterprise Resource Planning

Considering integrating your processes across all business functions?

IVS offers an ERP module that can be used as stand-alone module or incorporated into the IVS production software for a fully integrated view of all production processes.

The software can manage:

►  inventory
►  order management
►  customer relationship management
►  cost price determination
►  invoicing

Having an integrated software solution offers synchronized reporting across divisions. The benefit of having the system generate a report, no longer requires managers to maintain separate databases or various excel spreadsheets that need to be combined into one report. Having all information captured on one central system, prevents duplication of work and tasks and prevents errors from occurring through transfer of data to multiple platforms.

The ERP system can help to align the functions across departments like:

►  Sales
►  Purchase and Sourcing
►  Supply Chain Management
►  Production and Finance

All these individual departments stand to benefit from one integrated system that can provide a real time overview of the activities. Having a global overview of the activities can help to identify areas of inefficiencies or potential waste of valuable resources.


  • Different sales prices can be set for each variety assisting the sales staff to make accurate offers.
  • Management of items available for sale, including different sales prices, product descriptions and pictures.
  • Complete management of sales from the offer, order confirmation, deliveries, invoices, and credit notes.

Consumption Management

  • Management of different suppliers per product and import of their price lists.
  • Inventory control for consumables and products, for management of inventory levels.
  • Ability to determine when to place an inventory order with a low stock level sign.

Client Relation Management

  • The ability to manage client database information, addresses, contact information and contact persons for various roles within the client organization.
  • Keep track of communication history with clients in the software, by sending e-mails directly from the software. You are then able to view the e-mail correspondence in the software.

Project Management

  • Individual project management with time registration, planning and distribution.
  • Unique barcoded labels for all products.
  • Reliable mix-up free production.
  • Generate evaluations and reports showing accurate project data.