Ensure your quality with IVS Track and Tracing

Have you asked yourself the following questions occasionally?

How often have I moved this variety? What is the mother plant of this variety? Who checked the cultures last time? Which working instruction was used? What nutrients have the plants received and in which concentration? What is actually the difference between batch A and batch B?

All these questions and lots more are being answered by the IVS Track and Tracing. And this retrospectively as long as you want! IVS registers every single step of your process chain. A complete documentation with all transfer steps and all extra works is provided by IVS. You can see for each plant where it was made, stored and transported.

Your projects gain more transparency with the IVS Track and Tracing. You can also link the requirements and test results to each step. This offers you an entire overview over all your processes in the lab or greenhouse.

Traceability is the base of a modern quality management.

Therefore: Ensure your quality with IVS Track and Tracing!