Easy reports with IVS Software

Creating reports with IVS – quickly, easily and without any further application

I’m sure it’s happened to you: you are in a customer or project meeting and questions come up that would be easy to answer with the data collected in your ERP system. It should be quick and easy to analyse this data. Many ERP and LIMS systems quickly reach their limits and make the use of additional analysis software and even developer intervention necessary. Invitrosoft has developed a solution for these requirements that enables the user to flexibly create analyses from all of the data collected in the IVS system. What makes it special is that it requires no additional analysis software or programming effort.

In all relevant data stocks, the new IVS software offers layouts where users can assemble, search for and sort data contents. A direct export function from this layout to various data formats makes it possible to output this data at the press of a button, for example in MS Excel format.

This new functionality is available for all IVS software packages Version 8.0 and higher (using FileMaker Pro 13). Customers with an update agreement receive this functionality with their next update.

The IVS Academy in Berlin also offers user training for this function. The participants receive in-depth information on the data structure and are thus able to effectively create demanding analysis requests.