Meet Invitrosoft at the IAPB Congress Dublin, August 19-24

The INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY CONGRESS is taking place in Dublin, Ireland this August 19-24.
2018 will see it being held in Ireland for the first time and back in Europe after an almost 25 year gap.
The keynote speakers are world renowned including; Professor Ada Yonath (Nobel Laureate 2009), Former scientific advisor to President Obama, Professor Roger Beachy (USA), Professor Cathie Martin (UK), Professor Sophien Kamoun (UK), Professor Christine Raines (UK), Professor Kevin Folta (USA), Dr Angela Sessitsch (Austria), Dr Hugo De Groote (Kenya), Professor Prakash Kumar (Singapore), Dr Randy Niedz (USA), Professor Henry Daniell (USA) and Professor Stan Gelvin (USA).