IVS is used in labs or greenhouses worldwide.

IVS is used in labs or greenhouses world wide. Please have a look at our reference map.

The software IVS is developed together by specialists for in vitro cultures and a team of data base developers and experienced software project managers. This first project group put its emphasis particularly on mistake security and the data base-supported culture administration.

The software is tested and optimized extensively in daily laboratory practice. Further operational sequences of the laboratory everyday life are transferred and adapted additionally to the software. In the meantime, several millions in vitro cultures have already been produced with the support of IVS

Great importance is always attached to a high individualizing degree. IVS depends in the terms, production expiration and statistics on the user’s defaults! Ongoing new modules and functions let IVS grow to an extensive package, which makes the composition of its optimal configuration for each laboratory possible.

The software is network-compatible and in modules developed. It is therefore possible to supply any in vitro culture laboratory with a custom-made software, which optimally supports and illustrates the individual operational sequence. All modules can be completed at any time, offer maximum extension possibilities and the highest investment security. New modules can be added at any time and adapted without substantial expenditure, and without change of previously implemented functions!