Individual Software

The most important part of the software project is the structured adjustment of the system to the expectations in your enterprise. The implementation of the software is accomplished by our project manager, depending on the desired software version. In the project phase – which is led by an experienced project manager together with a designated person – all the company requirements are determinate for the software, checked for feasibility and a solution is then projected.

Once the software is installed in a standard design version already on the first project meetings, the production employees can be directly trained and gain some practice experience. Thereby, “genuine data” is generated in the system, which enables testing and examining further modified process evaluation! Project reports give anytime an overview of the work conditions, as well as of its schedule and budget use.

The software technical basis

The technical basis of the software represents a system, developed on a data base. This program is constantly developed by the manufacturer and adapted to the newest requirements of the market. Future requirements can be settled by the data base in an updated version and the changes can be directly implemented. Our software system is executable on conventional operating systems. However, it should be used on a server network. Besides existing workstation and devices, the IVS special workstations for in-vitro-culture labs can be used as an alternative. These workstations are adjusted to meet the requirements of every laboratory, and particularly stand out for small place requirement and absolute guarantee for a continuous production.

1. Our projects manager

Our projects manager can look back over many years experience based on extensive customer projects. Special importance is attached on the solution development close to application practice. You can rely on it, our projects manager understand YOUR Business

2. The project reporting

In each project phase, all project group members are kept up to date on solution development, schedule and budget use. The project management makes it possible to bundle capacities and main activities early- WITHOUT increasing the budget!

We work with new and established technologies.

3. Our data base

We use FileMaker™ as database system for development of IVS. FileMaker™ has different advantages what makes implementation and further developments more comfortable for our clients. Simple hardware requirements and low cost of ownership are only some of them. FileMaker also supports up to 2000 users and enables the access to different data banks.

Finally, concerning labeling there are different thermal transfer printers for different needs and individual flow charts. A detailed technical description of the components is a part of your individual offer, which we provide you at any time gladly. Please contact us to know more.

ERP Software

We have many years of experience in the development and implementation of ERP Systems for small and medium size companies.

Our enterprise resource planning becomes adjusted to individual processes and contains the following basic functions:

figure - IVS ERP/CRM (click to zoom)

figure – IVS ERP/CRM (click to zoom)

  • Management of addresses with free search functions for all parts of an address
  • Management of documents like letter, fax, emails with your layout, COI
  • Send faxes and emails direct from the system
  • Management of items including different sales prices, product description and pictures
  • Several suppliers per product and import of their price lists
  • Job management to projects
  • Inventory control
  • Bar code label for products
  • Sales management from offer, order confirmation, invoices, credit notes also with history
  • Evaluations and reports
  • Project management with time registration, reports, planning and distribution