IVS – The Software for Production Control and Plant Producers

Would you like to have a complete viewing of cultures stocks, processing history, plant protection and work performance of your employees by picking or topping in greenhouse, container or field ?
Would you also like to prevent mix up, efficiently and without extra costs or efforts? By no later than the next time you have two illegible labels in your hands, and then asks yourself to which plant they belong, you will certainly wish having an efficient system for production control and labeling
With IVS you have such a system.IVS contains modules for production processes control, as well as modules for production planning and testing.

Why should your company use IVS ?

  • Because it comes from the practice!
  • IVS is not a regular ERP system! IVS is a production control system for the green branch, which has already been used worldwide!
  • IVS is adapted for your company and then optimized!
  • The IVS project leaders have many years of experience with the installation and implementation of production control systems, and they support you during the whole implementation phase!
  • With IVS, all processes become better structured, and the  susceptibility decreases!
  • Maybe has IVS many of your young plants supported thought their whole life!

For the ones using IVS at labors and greenhouses, the whole history of cultures is available on the system, from initiation until the final product in top.