IVS Pro – Optimized Production Processes and Location Management as Network Solution

IVS Pro is the most economical network version in the IVS product family. By default, the software is delivered with 5 client licenses. The number of clients can be continuously extended anytime.

Extensive functions in master data field offer multiple possibilities during implementation and customizing. As a result, the IVS Pro software can be better adapted to the user company without demanding extra programming or longer project time. In the whole implementation of IVS Pro our experienced project leaders assist and advice you.

With IVS Pro there are functions in the software in order to establish a mix-up free production, to keep culture stock lists updated and to manage culture rooms, greenhouse or field environments. All functions demand a minimum manual effort in registering data, and optimal process workflows increase your efficiency and productivity. Mistakes are avoided!

With IVS Pro, production leaders are able to control all work steps and production results. The IVS-System for a mix-up free production includes – besides barcode labeling and production workflow control – also the tracing for single conversion steps of cultures. Variety and clone mix-ups are therefore excluded.

Mistakes can be prompt found and fixed. The use of IVS Pro increases then the productivity and efficiency of your plant production. It doesn’t matter if you produce many different clones in a small amount or a few varieties in big quantities.


The IVS Pro functions can be adjusted to fit processes and workflows in your company in the most satisfactory way. IVS Pro clients benefit from our large experience in customizing software functions and layouts, and identifying our user’s needs and requirements in order to indicate and implement the best solutions.

How does IVS Pro works?

Similar plant material contained in batches is registered by scanning and becomes automatically identified in the system in an unmistakable way. From the first register on, all stored information about cultivars is available in real time.

Mix up free Production

With IVS Pro, you are able to monitor transfer handlings in your workflow.

Our singular registering and data management features prevent mix-ups of variety clones caused by handling mistakes. With IVS Pro, you are also able to monitor transfer handlings in your workflow any time.

In other words, with IVS Pro you can be sure there will be no more clones mix-ups in your plant production. This ideal production result is guaranteed by the unmistakable and precise barcode labeling registering of varieties and its clones. Additionally to correct identification and management of information about clones and varieties, also data about coworkers handling plant material in all production phases are part of our mix-up prevention system.

The easy scanning and barcode labeling process gives coworkers and production leaders the certainty of having registered the right clone without checking long plant lists for misspellings or mix-ups.

Moreover, you can track for eventual errors and react in time. The final results are a smooth workflow with improved work performances and more productivity.

Master Data Management

Through proper data entry and the master data management features, lab leaders can control all important information about production steps and plant material in its different phases at real time.

Barcode labeling

Double registration, misspelling or mix-ups of variety names occur often in plant production when data entry is made manually. Barcodes labels avoid such typical mistakes and are therefore more accurate than manual entries using editing and spreadsheet programs.

With IVS, identical plant material contained in a batch is scanned and receives automatically a barcode number, its distinctive identity in the system. Paperless and starting from the first entry on, all data such as clones, phases and personnel handlings for cultivars contained in a batch can be registered and checked at real time. Eventual errors can be therefore prevented before delivery.

Our labeling system fits the general laboratory requirements. High quality labels are available in both removable and non-removable types.

Culture Stock Management

IVS helps you keeping relevant data about your plant material in different phases up to date.

With IVS Pro you have an overview about previous and present stock situations. Due to IVS, immediate checks or a periodical control of your stocks becomes easier and much more reliable. In other words, you can anytime check for information about stock quantities and make certain decisions faster.


IVS Pro allows a flexible data processing also outside its database. Through data export in form of spreadsheets, it is possible to transfer culture stock information from IVS to other systems.

Location Management

Among other functions, our software manages plant production environments. A barcode based registering process gives you precise information about tables or shelves in your lab or greenhouse.