IVS Premium Plus-High Extensive Production Data Management
IVS Premium Plus gives production leaders a real time overview of all plant material stages and production steps, preventing eventual errors. Working with IVS Premium Plus is both time and cost-effective.


Our IVS Pro and Premium versions were designed for the practical network use. IVS includes a license for 1 server und up to 5 workstations or clients. With IVS Premium Plus, registering and accessing from workflow information becomes more flexible and reliable.

Stock History

All registered data about plant material in stock for every batch since the first entry. Therefore, it is possible to search for stock data in a specific date for a certain variety.

Track and Tracing

Follow the production history of every batch since its first entry. This function gives production leaders control of processes and employees, identifying eventual critical situations. It reduces handling errors and the need of frequent inventories.


IVS Archive improves the Track and Tracing features by storing production history data.

Unique number for each vessel

Plant material can be identified with distinctive numbers in the system.


The IVS Premium Plus functions can be adjusted to fit processes and workflows in your company in the most satisfactory way. IVS Pro Clients benefit from our large experience in customizing software functions and layouts.

Master Data Management

Through proper data entry and the Master Data Management features, lab leaders can control information about production steps and plant material in its different phases.

Mix up free Production

With IVS, you are able to monitor transfer handlings in your workflow. Through our singular registering and data management features prevent mix-ups of clones caused by handling mistakes.

Moreover, you can track for errors and eventually fix them quickly. The results are an improved work performance and more productivity.

Barcode labeling

Barcodes avoid typical human registration errors. Although useful, editing and spreadsheet programs can hardly prevent double registration, misspelling or mix-ups of variety names.

With IVS identical plant material contained in a batch is scanned and receives a distinctive identity number. From the first entry on, all data such as clones, phases and personnel handlings can be registered and checked at real time. Eventual errors can be therefore prevented before delivery.

Our labeling system fits the general laboratory requirements. Labels are available in both removable and non-removable type.

Culture Stock Management

IVS helps you keeping relevant data about your plant material in different phases up to date.

With IVS you can fix stock lists information and have an overview about previous and present stock situation. Due to IVS, the periodical control of your stocks becomes easier and more reliable.


Our software enables data processing also outside its database. Through data export in form of spreadsheets, it is possible to transfer culture stock information from IVS to other systems.

Location Management

IVS Premium Plus supports users when it comes to managing culture room and greenhouses environments.


IVS Premium Plus enables registering and evaluating data about infected or contaminated cultivars. A system for deliveries and printing delivery notes is also available.