The most important part of the software project is the structured adjustment of the system to theoperational sequences in your company.

The implementation of the software is accomplished by our project manager, depending on the desired software version.

In the project phase – which is led by an experienced project manager together with a designated person – all the company requirements are determinate for the software, checked for feasibility and a solution is then projected.

Once the software is installed in a standard design version already on the first project meetings, the production coworkers can be directly trained and gain some practice experience. Thereby, “genuine data” is generated in the system, which enables testing and examining further modified process evaluation!

Permanent project group

  • Project manager Invitrosoft
  • Project manager customer
  • Assigned programmers Invitrosoft

Temporary project group

  • Representatives of customer company‘s departments
  • If necessary, external experts for instrument interface development
  • Additional programmers and technicians from Invitrosoft®
  • Key user

Project reports give anytime an overview of the work conditions, as well as of its schedule and budget use.